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Odlo Futureskin base layer collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design

Established in Norway more than 70 years ago out of a need to create quality performance clothing that functions in notoriously harsh conditions, Odlo are the original inventors of performance base layer clothing and have been innovating ever since, creating exceptional products for active lifestyles all year round. Odlo strive to stay one step ahead, weaving their Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering into modern, functional and comfortable sports apparel.

Engineered and developed in partnership with Zaha Hadid Design, the Odlo Futureskin base layer collection combines Organic Bodymapping with material innovation and design expertise to deliver exceptional climate control and natural freedom of movement for all sports activities.

• Perfected climate control
Keeping the body warm in cold conditions thanks to warm zones in key areas of the garment.

• Organic ventilation zones
Ventilation zones are shaped to follow the human body, delivering an ergonomic breathability and perfect moisture management.

• Full body movement
Innovative Motion Design ensures full movement and no restriction during your sports activities.

Odlo combines ergonomic design with their advanced Organic Bodymapping, Ceramiwarm and Zeroweight technologies for extreme performance.

The Odlo Futureskin base layer collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design will be available via Odlo’s website and in-stores for Winter 2018.