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Zaha Hadid Design at Design Shanghai 2019

‘Skyrunner’ Installation

Zaha Hadid Design had collaborated with Royal Thai and Kohler to present the 'Skyrunner' installation at Design Shanghai 2019. Located within the colonnade of Shanghai Exhibition Center, the installation incorporates the RE/Form carpet collection by Zaha Hadid Design for Royal Thai.

Inspired by themes that feature prominently in Zaha Hadid’s work including pixelated landscapes, striated lines, ribbon-like projections and organic cellular form, the RE/Form collection captures Hadid’s signature use of interweaving, layering and the play of light and shadow.

The ‘Skyrunner’ installation incorporates a bespoke carpet that has been created to integrate the RE/Form collection’s original ‘Pixel’ design with an intricate overlay of the three collaborators’ logos.

Extending the length of the colonnade, the installation creates a pixelated landscape that weaves with the rhythm of the neoclassical columns and reaches skywards to 5m at two points within the colonnade.

New pieces for the Zaha Hadid Design Collection 

With each new design for the collection, Zaha Hadid Design continues Zaha Hadid’s inventive methodology and process; sharing Hadid’s story and its significance within the dialogue of contemporary design.

Director Woody Yao explains: ‘The strength of the collection lies in our ability to interpret the ordinary into something unexpected. When designing objects, Zaha was never constrained by any given use or spatial context. We continue to follow this approach with an unwavering commitment to design ingenuity and material integrity.’

New pieces for 2019 include the Swirl bowl in crystal glass that brilliantly captures the dynamism of a liquefied vortex. A complex geometry, the bowl features topographical shifts that ripple across its surface.

Recent additions to the Cell family of pieces include the platter in Nero Marquina or Statuario marble, and the plate and bowl set in porcelain. The monochromatic colour palette accentuates their materiality, while a linear channel carved into the surface of the platter and plate enables objects to nest within their volumes.

The new Cell centrepiece in stainless steel explores geometric transitions within: solid to void; hexagonal to sphere; static to explosive.

The Hew range of glassware is a visually engaging composition of pieces – a wine glass, highball, tumbler and carafe. Defined by Hadid’s commitment to innovation, intricately carved vertical channels within each piece and delicate stems push the technical limits of glass-making to create a beautiful series of the finest glassware.

The Hew tray is an evolution of Hadid’s acclaimed Mesa and Aqua table designs. Composed as series of conjoined surfaces that Hadid referenced as water-lily leaves, the tray is supported by a gently undulating base which also defines voids for carrying. A powder-coated finish of contrasting colours accentuates the variation between the Hew tray’s surface and base.

Zaha Hadid Design will also host a Pop-up Shop with How Art featuring a selection of pieces from the Zaha Hadid Design collection.

Zaha Hadid Design at Design Shanghai
Contemporary Design Hall EP-30
Shanghai Exhibition Centre, China

6-9 March 2019

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