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Your Starred Items


Zaha Hadid awarded the UK Creative Arts’ Leading Light Architecture, Lifetime Achievement Award


The UK Creative Arts’ (UKCA) Leading Light Awards showcase UK artists who have made a significant contribution to the UK creative arts industry, and have represented it at the highest national and international level.

The UKCA was founded in 2002 as a teaching programme, for younger children to be taught music and dance by older teenagers who they can more easily relate to than adult teachers.  The success of the project let to the formation of the UKCA organisation, whose goals to support both learners and leaders, has extended to all branches of the creative arts.  They currently support and advise the UK creative arts industry through two programmes. The National Arts Advisory Board advises policy-makers, arts organisations, and corporations on all aspects of the creative arts, while the UK Creative Arts Programme provides guidance to professionals working in all fields of the creative arts, and to those aspiring to become professionals.


Portrait by Sebastian Böttcher