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PUBG MOBILE x Zaha Hadid Architects: Behind The Scenes

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) and PUBG MOBILE present a new video detailing their collaboration.

The partnership with PUBG MOBILE has evolved from ZHA’s ongoing research in to user-experience (UX) focussed design, new technologies of spatial design, novel media of spatial experience, and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Reflecting ZHA’s long-standing interest in the spatial web, cyberspaces and more recently, the metaverse, working with PUBG MOBILE has reinforced the architects’ commitment to advancing the collaborative, designer-friendly, spatial UX-focussed parametric design technologies explored by ZHA’s Computation and Design research group (ZHA CODE) over the past two decades;  learning from game-development, computer graphics professions and virtual production pipelines that share deep synergies with the development of our architecture and urbanism.

The medical centre is incorporated within the unranked mode of PUBG MOBILE’s Erangel map. ZHA’s spatial designs for the medical centre consider user experience, interaction and navigational aspects that are adapted to game play and first person gaming scenarios. The virtual architecture is designed as three interlocking buildings that each relate to possible disciplines within a hospital of the future: robotic surgery, anti-ageing/longevity research, recuperation, and preventative diagnostic medicine. The furniture has been designed in accordance with these themes. One of the medical centre’s key design features is its central open atrium which provides players with a clear understanding of how to navigate the building.

Watch the video : PUBG MOBILE x Zaha Hadid Architects | Behind The Scenes

Medical Center for PUBG MOBILE,
designed by Zaha Hadid Architects,
developed by LightSpeed & Quantum, Tencent Games, KRAFTON