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Maggie’s Fife: 15 Years

Maggie’s Fife in Kirkcaldy is celebrating their 15th anniversary this month.

Maggie's Centres offer practical and emotional support to people with any type of cancer, at any stage, for free; focusing on the things that really make a difference, such as help with stress and anxiety, managing side-effects of treatment, money worries, relationships as well as family support. Visitors to Maggie’s Centres around the country explain: "Maggie’s is like an oasis. It gives you the tools to take your future forward, to take control of your life," said Barbara in Edinburgh. “Cancer hijacks your life and drops you into a situation where you have to learn a new language. Having a Centre within easy reach has been vital in helping me cope,” said Rani in London.

Designed as a transformational space between Victoria Hospital and the natural landscape of a ravine full of plant and animal life, Maggie’s Fife opened in 2006 and has supported over 60,000 people affected by cancer.

Zaha Hadid said at the centre’s opening: “Anybody who knew Maggie Keswick Jencks felt at home in her presence. She had a unique ability to make everyone feel special by giving them the time and space to express and be themselves. It was important that this unique quality was in some way translated into the design for Maggie’s Fife. We shared an understanding of how significantly environments can help enhance personal wellbeing”.

Photo by Werner Huthmacher