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Odlo Futureskin by Zaha Hadid Design now available

Odlo is the leading international Sports Performance Brand. With  more than 70 years of experience, this Swiss brand with its Norwegian roots are the original inventors of performance base layer clothing and now create exceptional products for active lifestyles all year round.

Odlo strives to stay one step ahead, weaving their Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering into modern, functional and comfortable sports apparel.

Developed in partnership with Zaha Hadid Design, the Odlo Futureskin base layer collection combines bio-centric Organic Bodymapping with material innovation and design expertise to deliver exceptional climate control and natural freedom of movement for all sports activities.

A new sports underwear line that adapts to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, Odlo Futureskin’s Organic Bodymapping combines zones of different temperature sensitivities, different ventilation needs and different movement intensities using seamless knit technology that requires no bonds, seams or inserts.

Odlo Futureskin integrates varied knit construction to transition seamlessly from zones requiring greater insulation, to zones where a higher degree of ventilation is demanded, to those zones where unlimited movement is necessary.

Using Organic Bodymapping design and construction, the requirements of the body have dictated the structural design of Odlo Futureskin. Designed to support the body and provide ideal moisture management, a thick tightly knit mesh is used where our bodies are most sensitive to temperature and need more warmth. A looser knit is used in areas like the knee and elbow joints that demand greatest freedom of movement. The loosest knit—almost a net—is placed in zones where air circulation and ventilation are necessary.

Comprised of two different solid-coloured yarns that are a blend of 73% polyester/20% polyamide/7% elastane for optimal performance, the Odlo Futureskin design conveys its seamless construction and advanced next-to-skin base layer technology delivering unprecedented climate control.

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