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Mobility City museum opens within Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion

The new Mobility City museum opened to the public on 03 March as a national research centre showcasing the latest innovations in human mobility, including the pioneering technological advancements that are revolutionising the automotive, rail, aviation and space industries. 

Inaugurated by King Felipe VI, Mobility City establishes a superb legacy for Zaragoza’s Bridge Pavilion. Instigated with funding by the Fundcion Ibercaja and the Government of Aragon, together with the expertise of more than 50 partners that include research institutes, universities and professional associations, as well as leaders in the automotive, telecommunications and energy sectors, the new museum presents the past, present and future of transport.

Spanning 280 metres across the River Ebro in Zaragoza, the curving Bridge Pavilion’s four primary ‘pods’ are inhabited structural diamond-shaped trusses that define distinct exhibition spaces within. The dynamic structural logic of the bridge creates an immersive journey of discovery through the history and future of transport.

Photograph by Luke Hayes