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New York Times examines the work of ZHA’s Analytics & Insights (ZHAI) research unit

New York Times: “How A.I. Is Helping Architects Change Workplace Design: With more hybrid workers and new office needs, firms like Zaha Hadid Architects are turning to artificial intelligence for solutions.”

“I’ve been a workplace designer for the last 24 years,” said the architect, Arjun Kaicker. “I’ve seen more change in the last 24 months than in the whole of my career.

“The pandemic has really supercharged innovation in the workplace,” Mr. Kaicker said in a recent video interview from Atlanta.

"Mr. Kaicker co-runs Zaha Hadid Analytics + Insights, or ZHAI, a five-person team that uses data and artificial intelligence to design workplaces…

“ZHAI, which the architect Ulrich Blum leads with Mr. Kaicker, was set up in December 2015, has worked on more than 100 building projects, at least 60 percent of which have been offices.

“At the firm’s headquarters in London, Mr. Blum explained that, unlike cars and electronic devices, a building in the 21st century is not as responsive and advanced as it could be. “While buildings often have state-of-the-art air-conditioning, lighting and security systems, “to make those systems all talk to each other seamlessly is still a challenge,” Mr. Blum said. ZHAI aims to change that using a host of new tools and technologies.”